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Caraweb provides Wireless Broadband for Caravan and Camping Parks


Founded in 2006 by caravaners, to provide cost effective wireless broadband internet connections (WiFi) to caravan and camping parks in the UK. Basic installations start at £425 for a single access point with further access points at £225 each.
We have now installed WiFi in over 70 sites. Map
We are also replacing Park & Marine and Leisure Technology systems at a 10% discount to the above.

We can also serve the South and South West of the country more efficiently with our new Caraweb (South West) office managed by Richard in Bristol.


Provide Internet for your customers

Provide a revenue stream for you, the site owner

Provide a fully and remotely managed supply

Encourage return visits

Cost effective installation

Compliance with all known regulations


The system allows the same connection as you would have at home, so chatting on Facebook©, using Skype© for internet phonecalls or simply surfing the net and checking emails are quick and easy. All the visitor needs is a wireless enabled laptop, tablet or phone then they can quite literally "Park, Pitch & Surf".



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